Instructor Description and Self Evaluation

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Another important role of the Instructor is to assess troop members’ proficiency in various skills and recommend appropriate training or practice to help them improve. This includes helping to identify areas where troop members may need additional training or support, and providing resources or assistance to help them improve.

As an Instructor, one is expected to have a strong understanding of the skills being taught, communicate them effectively, and provide feedback to scouts to help them improve. Instructors are also responsible for demonstrating safe practices and ensuring that scouts follow all rules and regulations related to the skill being taught.

The position of Instructor requires strong communication and teaching skills, patience, and a passion for sharing knowledge. It is an excellent opportunity to develop leadership skills, improve one’s own skills and knowledge, and make a positive impact on the scouts in their troop.

The description below represents an example of the requirements and expectations for this position in one troop. Specifics can vary from one troop to another.

The printable copy also includes a self evaluation form for the position on the second page. Youth leaders might benefit from self evaluating during their term. If you use this, then keep it positive with them. It should only be used to help them recognize areas they should be working on.

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