Joining Scouts: Locate a Cub Scout Pack or Scout Troop

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How to Find a Scout Troop or Cub Pack to Join

Step 1: Visit the BeAScout Website: To initiate your search for a Cub Scout Pack or Scout Troop, head over to the official BSA website at Once there, navigate to the “Find a Unit” section, which provides a comprehensive database of scouting units across the country.

Step 2: Enter Your Zip Code and Select the Age Group: Upon reaching the “Find a Unit” page, you will be prompted to enter your zip code. This step ensures that you are presented with relevant results tailored to your specific location. After entering your zip code, you will need to select the appropriate age group for your child or grandchild. In this case, since your grandson is 6 years old, he would join the Tiger Cub program.

Step 3: Find a Unit: With your zip code and age group selected, click on the “Find a Unit” button. This action will trigger the search engine to generate a list of Cub Scout Packs or Scout Troops in your vicinity.

Step 4: Explore Available Units: Once the search results are displayed, you will be presented with a list of local Cub Scout Packs or Scout Troops. The information provided includes the unit’s name, contact details, and meeting times. Take your time to review the options and choose the one that best fits your needs and preferences.

Step 5: Contact the Unit: After identifying a potential Cub Scout Pack or Scout Troop, make use of the provided contact information to reach out to the unit’s leadership to learn about joining. They will be able to provide you with further details about the program, membership requirements, and upcoming activities. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions you may have to ensure a smooth transition into scouting for your grandson.

Locating a Cub Scout Pack or Scout Troop to join in your area is a straightforward process that can be accomplished in a few simple steps. By visiting the BeAScout website, entering your zip code, selecting the appropriate age group, and utilizing the provided contact information, you can find the ideal scouting unit for your child or grandchild.

Scouting offers a world of opportunities for personal growth, friendship, and adventure, and by taking this first step in joining, you are setting your loved one on a path to unforgettable experiences and valuable life skills. So go ahead, begin the search today, and watch as your child or grandchild embarks on an incredible scouting journey.

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